White House still won’t say if Rhodes will testify

The White House still wouldn’t say Monday whether Ben Rhodes, the deputy national security adviser in charge of media communications, will defend his efforts to sell the Iran nuclear deal in testimony before a House committee on Tuesday.
Instead, presidential press secretary Josh Earnest called the House GOP effort to call on Rhodes to appear before the Oversight and Government Reform Committee a three-ring circus, and said the White House is still determining whether Rhodes will show up or not.
What’s true is that previous administrations have been fairly skeptical of these kinds of efforts, Earnest said, particularly because this isn’t a whole lot more than just a three-ring circus that Republicans are looking to organize up there.
So I don’t have an answer for you, he continued. We’re going to continue to review the letter. I think you can sense the not-so-thinly veiled skepticism about this exercise that I’m displaying here now.