Union leaders upset over Trump executive orders to weed out under-performing federal employees

President Donald Trump is making it easier to tell federal employees, “You’re fired.”

And union leaders are not happy.

What has changed?
Trump has issued three executive orders aimed at getting rid of low-performing federal employees, the White House announced Friday. The changes could save taxpayers an estimated $100 million per year, according to the announcement.

The new rules promote basing employment on merit rather than tenure. Additionally, federal agencies are encouraged to fire employees instead of suspending them. Employees will also have less time to improve their performance, according to published reports.

A White House announcement stated, “Tenured federal employees have stolen agency property, run personal businesses from work, and been arrested for using drugs during lunch breaks and not been fired.” In a statement accompanying the release, Trump said the government must “operate more efficiently and more securely.”

Under the new orders, federal workers will be expected to devote at least 75 percent of …