San Francisco Mayor tired of ‘enabling’ homeless population: ‘I don’t stand for that’

After years of complaints, San Francisco Mayor Mark Farrell vowed on Friday to become more aggressive in clearing the city’s sidewalks of homeless encampments.

Farrell told the San Francisco Chronicle: “Enough is enough. We have offered services time and again and gotten many off the street, but there is a resistant population that remains, and their tents have to go.”

He added, “We have moved as a city from a position of compassion to enabling (unacceptable) street behavior, and as mayor I don’t stand for that.”

The city has faced a growing homeless epidemic, and with that has come streets filled with human feces, dirty syringes, and trash. Farrell says “the tents are a public safety hazard for the people living in them, and for the residents of San Francisco.”

Homeless advocates say that clearing out the tents in the Mission District will just push the camps to other areas in the city. Executive …