Retired Green Beret Warns The World Is Short-Fused On Multiple Flash-Points | Zero Hedge

“…these activities cannot be discounted as any kind of routine…”

  • aztex2010

    Too bad US can not mind our own business and NK / ME / Ukraine / etc are NOT our problem. I can see why NK continues to attempt to defend themselves just like Russia .. they are surrounded by NATO and has reason to fear .. they have been there before. Just think aboout all the improvements to our world could be achieved if we spent half of the “Defense” budget on America and Americans .. War is a racket and US is the biggest war mongers in the world and it needs to STOP .. US Military should concentrate on threats to AMERICA and let the other nations take care of themselves 🙁 All GovCorps are nothing more than Organized Criminal Syndicate and US Military is the enforcer of the NWO 🙁 Boo Hiss Maybe we should spend some time trying to put an end to the Fukushima disaster which is a far worse threat not only to US but to the entire earth .. and many other Nuclear Power Plants are likewise disasters waiting to happen 🙁 IMHO