Pat Buchanan: “The Reality Is That Donald Trump Won And Everybody Knows It”

Pat Buchanan on Hannity says Donald Trump has won the Republican nomination. “Whether we like Donald Trump or not, the guy went out and has won this thing,” Buchanan said Wednesday night on FOX News.

“Donald Trump has got millions and millions more votes than any other Republican candidate. He’s won all these primaries. His victories have been massive. His crowds have been enormous,” Buchanan said.

“Sean, the things perceived as real are real in their consequences,” Buchanan said. “The American people are looking at this and they say, you know, whether we like Donald Trump or not, the guy went out and has won this thing. Now, if by poaching and pilfering delegates here and there, Cruz and Kasich can hold Trump off from the nomination on the first ballot — then then they take it. It will be like the heavyweight champion there with his gloves over his head and the award going to the guy lying on the canvas.”

“Ted Cruz is not doing anything criminal in pilfering delegates and telling them to hold out and all the rest of it. What I’m saying is the American people have perceived an tremendously exciting, interesting contest, and the reality is that Donald Trump won it and everybody knows it. Look at that TV last night, Sean. Are people going to turn around and say now they’re going to give it to the guy who was runner-up by 300 delegates? Why?” Buchanan asked.