Macy’s to launch Islam-friendly clothing line this month

Macy’s is offering a new Muslim-friendly fashion line that features hijabs and modest clothing, a move criticized by conservatives and women’s rights activists who say it promotes an oppressive culture.

Recent social media and news reports show Iranian women publicly removing their hijabs in protest of a law that requires them to wear headscarves. A woman who publicly removed her hijab during a protest in Tehran could face a prison term of up to 10 years, according to published reports.

The national high-end retailer is working with Verona Collection, a modern Islamic clothing boutique, Fox News reports. Lisa Vogl, a 2017 graduate of Macy’s business development program for minorities and women, runs the company.
Why was the company started?
“Verona Collection was simply an idea, that was conceptualized by a single mom who had converted to Islam in 2011,” the company’s website states. “After embracing Islam, she had a stark realization: modest and fashionable …