Hillary aides, allies took nearly $2 million in ‘blood money’ from South Sudan

South Sudan, accused of killing thousands in a civil war and starving more because it claims to be broke, doled out nearly $2 million to Washington, D.C. public relations and lobbying firms with ties to Hillary Clinton to keep the spigot of taxpayer aid open at full blast, according to a new report.
The Center for Public Integrity on Thursday said that some of the money went to a firm owned by the brother of Clinton Campaign Chairman John Podesta and a former top State Department aid. Other money went to a firm tied to Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid that created the What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas campaign.
And to cover its bases, the murderous government hired a Washington firm headed by a former top House GOP leadership official.
All of it was aimed at spinning a positive story about the war-torn nation and its killer regime and convincing the administration and the State Department Clinton once headed to continue giving it money.