Former GE CEO Jack Welch defends Trump: ‘This flip flop nonsense is ridiculous media blowback’

“…he was in there like he was a real player. I was overly impressed.”

  • BGills

    It’s not really “media blow-back” as such a thing would require actual journalists, doing an honest investigative story, and not these bias hacks pretending to be legitimate journalists.
    During the last eight years we were given nothing but Left-wing media sponsored spin on a myriad of real ‘flip-flopping’ from the Left, which included nonstop claims of the ‘misspoken’ word,and unwavering support for what they deemed “evolved” policy choices. Suddenly their preferred candidate isn’t the focus of their ‘criticisms,’ and their extremely imaginative excuses are curiously absent?
    They have made themselves irrelevant by betraying the trust of the American People, yet they persist in they thinly veiled deceptions…