Dems renew calls for gun control in wake of Texas church shooting

Democrats are renewing their calls for gun reform after reports of a mass shooting at a church in Sutherland Springs, Texas, on Sunday.

  • dallastexasviewer

    Not GUN CONTROL legislation. It is properly called GUN SERVICES legislation. We are wanting to provide a service to gun enthusiasts (and the general population) by performing UNIVERSAL background checks for them. This will give consumers more confidence at GUN SHOWS, so that they feel more at ease, and so they don’t run the risk of breaking federal law which says that consumers cannot legally sell guns to FELONS, MENTALLY ILL, DISHONORABLY DISCHARGED, etc. (But nobody knows who these prohibited persons are attending Gun Shows – they can’t be picked out from the crowd or otherwise). Currently, consumers sell guns to fellow consumers at these TEXAS GUN SHOWS without a background check. Cash and firearms are exchanged at the Show, and folks walk out the door after the undocumented transaction. I have done this myself for years. It boils down to ECONOMICS. It is all about who will give you the MOST BUCK (dollar) FOR THE BANG (your firearm). Typically, FFL (Federal Firearms Licensee) Dealers at the Shows (with tables) won’t offer you as much for your firearm you bring to the Show because they are wanting to buy wholesale to make a profit on the resale. But a fellow consumer (show attendee) is likely to offer you more than wholesale – perhaps much more. Show attendees carry their firearms openly about the Show floor in hopes to grab the attention of a consumer wishing to buy a firearm such as theirs – and do so directly with the firearms owner (not an FFL). Yes, folks do buy from the FFL’s too. Police check your firearms as you enter to be sure they are unloaded. But there is no checking as you exit (with firearms acquisitions). Also, Texas Dept of Public Safety does not put a designation code on a State DL or State ID to inform Police if a person is a FELON, DISHONORABLE DISCHARGE, or MENTALLY ILL (or Challenged). So Police can’t stop or even identify these folks coming into the show or leaving with a firearm acquisition. UNIVERSAL BACKGROUND CHECKS could be down at Gun Shows by making it a requirement that any 2 Party exchange of a firearm at the Shows must take place by a 3rd Party FFL attending the Show with a Table or for the express purpose of performing background checks.