Cotton: With Trump, Pence, ‘help is on the way’

CLEVELAND — Arkansas Sen. Tom Cotton preached a message of party unity and said with Donald Trump and Indiana Gov. Mike Pence, the nation can be assured that help is on the way.
Cotton listed a series of things he wants to see in the next president of the United States.
We’d like a commander in chief who speaks of winning wars and not merely ending wars, Cotton said. We’d like a commander-in-chief who calls the enemy by its name.
He continued, And it would be nice to have a commander in chief who could be trusted to handle classified information.
Cotton said the last eight years have been more than enough, but the next four years under presumptive Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton would be unthinkable.
Let me say again this time directly to our troops, in a Trump-Pence administration and with a Republican Congress, help is on the way, he said.