Colin Quinn on Seinfeld & Political Correctness: “We’ve Gone Too Far Trying To Accommodate And Placate”; “Patronizing”

KRYSTAL BALL, MSNBC: We’ve been hearing a lot of Jerry Seinfeld about the PC police.

How he doesn’t want to go college campuses. Do you think college campuses have changed in particular?

COLIN QUINN: They’ve been bad for 20 years like that.

BALL: When you say bad, is there a particular joke that you would say that was attacked?

QUINN: It’s words. If you say a certain word.

I mean, like — this is not just college campus. This is the whole country. If I said to somebody, say a Mexican friend of mine, did you see that Mexican guy. Somebody goes no, I didn’t see a Mexican guy, I saw a human being. You have to qualify everything. Did you see a man that could have been Mexican. No I don’t care. A human being, a person.

Obviously this is coming from a place of entitlement, unconscious paternalistic fear of the other, i’d like to say this is a teachable moment for me.

BALL: Is it a bad thing to try to be more respectful of people –


TOURE, MSNBC: To what you’re saying, I don’t appreciate when folks say they are color blind because being black is part of who I am. You’re taking away something that is critical to who I am.

QUINN: Exactly. I feel like we’ve gone too far. People are trying to accommodate and placate and there’s something patronizing about it… You can think about privilege and still say, he’s black or, you know, you’re whatever, Irish.