Chuck Norris Utterly Destroys Hillary’s 2016 Run in Just 2 Sentences: “The Truth Is…”

“The truth is: What’s scarier than Hillary entering the presidential race is Hillary winning the presidential race,” Chuck wrote in a column this weekend.

“Not only would her presidency be ‘Obama, the Sequel,’ but she would be an unbridled, more powerful, mega-wealthy, powder-keg Obama personality.”

Exactly. Hillary is in all actuality nothing more than a duplicate of President Obama on political steroids. Just like Obama, she too is an “impulsive, short-fused” individual who suffers from a “shortsighted volatile personality.”

Added to this is the fact that like Obama, Hillary Clinton’s “modus operandi” is “denial,” in that she has and continues to try to dissociate herself not only from the president’s failures, but her own as well.

Keep in mind that this happens to be the same woman who once asked, “What difference does it make?” in regard to how she mishandled the 2012 Benghazi attack.

  • ADuckQuacks

    She should be behind bars instead of running for any office.

  • It’s time to start holding politicians accountable the same way we do Joe 6-pack. I’d hate to think it would take a Constitutional amendment, but if it does…SO BE IT!

  • Chuck, stick to kicking – which is of course, hard to do with your foot in your mouth. (He may be old but he’s very flexible!!!)