Christie, Rubio Focus on National Security in New Hampshire

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie and Florida Senator Marco Rubio are focusing their efforts on New Hampshire this week in the shadow of the Iowa caucuses.
Their focus? National security.
Christie delievered a speech at St. Anselm College, which his campaign headlined, These challenging times demand a grown-up. Playing on the governor’s reputation as a straight talker, the speech not-so-subtly targets Donald Trump and Marco Rubio; Trump over his carnival-like campaign, and Rubio over his Senate attendance.
These are among the most dangerous and perilous times in our country’s recent history. These times and these challenges demand a grown up to be our candidate. They demand someone who has been fighting today’s battles in the arena, not someone who’s been sidelined for years; not running away from the battles when they get too hot or when they get too discouraged. Showtime is over, everybody. We are not electing an entertainer-in-chief. Showmanship is fun but it is not the kind of leadership that will truly change America. If we are going to turn our frustration and anger with the D.C. insiders, the politicians of yesterday and the carnival barkers of today into something that actually will change American lives for the better, we must elect someone who has been tested. Someone with proven experience. Someone who knows how to make decisions because he has been making them for years, in the middle of the firefight that’s been going on the last seven years between big government liberalism and our brand of freedom loving conservatism. Someone who has been held responsible and accountable for their decisions, not someone who just changes the next vote if the last one didn’t work out.
And bluster is not the leadership we crave. Talking a big game and either not showing up or not knowing how, isn’t what we desperately need today. We need someone who knows how to make decisions, and how to make them work for our government and our citizens. We need an experienced, tested decision-maker in the Oval Office.