Canada’s “last civil liberties group” slams anti-“Islamophobia” motion at M-103 hearings

On last night’s show, Jay Cameron of the Justice Centre for Constitutional Freedoms joined me to talk about his testimony at M-103 hearings, and what impact the Liberals’ anti-“Islamophobia” motion will have on Canadians’ right to freedom of speech.

  • Darryl R Taylor

    Why aren’t the JCCF hard at work to strike down the Blasphemous Libel section of the Canadian Criminal Code?

    Why are they not hard at work asking for the slight change to the specific mention of Islamophobia needed to make the issue go away, eg ” . . . such as Islamophobia, anti-Semitism, or ethnocentrism)?

    The issue of weaponized memetics is not going to go away, and opposing M-103 without addressing the growing tide of social hysteria that is what the term “Islamophobia” should refer to specifically only allows for social vulnerability to scapegoating, wedge tactics, and the sort of terror campaign being waged by Islamic extremists that is meant specifically to polarize nations along the Muslim/infidel axis.

    Tightening up that definition while allowing for anti-Islamic sentiment or opinion that does not threaten the peace (and thus be protected by the Charter, Section 1 not applying) to be referred to by another term such as ‘Mislamic.

    No one should be opposing the M-103 motion unless they have a reasonable alternative, ideally that motion should be split into one to study the dynamics of systematic prejudice and the movement of virulent memetic complexes through society, and another to specifically examine the “rising star” of the discrimination scene today, Islamophobia (with attention also played to it’s older brother, Anti-Semitism).