California spending a billion dollars to expand college with 33% graduation rate

California is spending more than a billion dollars to expand the size of its cutting edge University of Merced campus, expanding the student body from 6,600 to over 10,000 students. When complete, that means nearly 3,333 of those 10,000 students will graduate over a 4 year period. That’s because UCM has a graduation rate of 33% or less.
And yet Cal is spending a billion dollars to expand this failing school.
UC Merced moved forward with a major campus expansion Wednesday, announcing the selection of a developer to build new classrooms, dorms and labs to accommodate 4,000 more students over the next five years.
Plenary Properties Merced (PPM) will oversee the design, construction and maintenance of the $1.14-billion project, which will nearly double the university’s physical capacity. The school, which opened in 2005 and enrolls about 6,600 students, is the youngest and smallest of 10 University of California campuses.
The plan envisions state-of-the-art research facilities arranged around a new tree-lined quad, as well as a dining hall, recreation facilities, a competition pool and 1,700 new beds.
Do you think the 2/3 or more of students who drop out will spend much time in the “state of the art” research facilities?
UC Merced Chancellor Dorothy Leland has said the expansion will help boost college-going rates among students in the San Joaquin Valley, one of the state’s poorest regions
It will expand the college going rate, but I suspect the college-graduating rate will plummet even further. Only in the public sector does a business that does worse and worse get money to expand more and more.

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