Black Army Sergeant Issues Epic Statement to Race Rioters… This Guy’s Got It Figured Out

Everyone needs to read this.

Army Sgt. Marcus Rogers released a statement condemning the behavior of the rioters while claiming that African Americans are turning a blind eye to a much bigger problem.

“If you’re out there rioting, you’re out there breaking people’s businesses that they worked hard to build, causing chaos in the streets, you’re out there throwing rocks at police and destroying police cars, do you understand that you’re actually doing more damage than good?” Rogers began in a video posted to his Facebook page.

“If Martin Luther King were here, a real civil rights leader … he would be disappointed in what you guys are doing,” he continued. “First of all, it’s hypocritical — you pick and choose when you want to stand up for what’s right.”

Rogers also pointed out the irony the more blacks are killed through “gang violence and abortions” by other blacks than any white oppression or police brutality.

“We need (to be) looking in the mirror, keeping it real. Stop making excuses. Stop trying to blame everybody else,” he concluded. “Let’s fix ourselves first.”